Susan A. Curo

President & CEO of Tribes 4 Christ, Inc.

Susan attended New Tribes Bible Institute of Waukesha Wisconsin and then later graduated from Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Children’s Ministry Institute (CMI). Susan has also spent 12 years working for her tribe as a background investigator and served on the La Jolla Band of Indian’s Land and Housing Committee. After attending CMI Susan realized with tribal communal culture there needs to be ministry geared towards the whole family and in 2008 she founded Tribes 4 Christ, Inc. Susan enjoys her family relationships and ministering to them. She has 6 children and 14 grandchildren. In her spare time she also enjoys rabbit, deer hunting and working as tribal outreach coordinator.

Marquetta MacLean

Executive Board Member

Marquetta MacLean is married to Doug MacLean, and a proud mother of four children. They have nine grandchildren and were recently made great grandparents. She and Doug make their home in Murrieta, California, where her husband is recently retired and she works at a Charter School nearby. Marquetta currently serves in her local church on the Missions Team and attends cultural outreaches with Global Recordings Network. Marquetta and her husband enjoy RVing whenever possible, biking, and visiting family in Arizona, Virginia and those that live locally.

“Spending many years on the Navajo and Hopi Reservations in Arizona, my heart longs for healing and restoration for the hearts of Native Americans. The Great Healer, who crosses all cultures, is the One who can change our hearts and make us all brothers and sisters in Christ. It is a privilege to be able to serve the Lord in any capacity but especially here in Luiseno country.”

Taylor Ellis

Associate Pastor

Venia Murrieta

Executive Board Member

Taylor has had a strong passion for missions since he was first introduced to them at the age of 16. Since that time God has called him to many missions trips all over the world where he took part in leading teams and growing in His walk. While working at a church in multimedia and attending bible college he continued to clearly see his call to be heavily involved in ministry. In 2012 he married his best friend Katie and together they have been able to participate in many aspects of ministry. Taylor is currently a pastor at Venia Church in Murrieta, CA and enjoys missions, shooting, photography, and multimedia production.

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.
Mark 16:15 (NIV)